Robert Karimi hosts an evening of very spicy poetry at the Lowertown Reading Jam

The titillating title of the latest Lowertown Reading Jam (April 23) went for high stimulation–sex, food, and the simmering anger behind microaggressions. Robert Farid Karimi, a local poet and performer known as “the People’s Cook,” composed the evening and even brought food to the menu at Black Dog Cafe (a dash of za’atar to olive oil for bread) and set a bottle of “very hot salsa” on each table. He passed out latex gloves encouraging everyone to “Be safe!” before embarking on an evening of risky poetry.


Sharing the love of books

There was a time when I had a whole roomful of books. Shelves lined every wall, and they were packed with books. I looked at my bookshelves, and I saw success. It was what I thought I always wanted. What book lover wouldn’t?


Flex your filmmaker muscles during One Day in the Twin Cities Saturday

Citizens across the Twin Cities are invited to pick up their camcorders and pull out their smartphones Saturday, April 26 as part of the cities-wide media creation event, 


This weekend, it's jazz-related concerts galore!

Brooklyn-based ensemble Red Baraat makes its debut at Orchestra Hall on Friday, April 25 at 8 pm. Critics have described their performance as “a shot of pure adrenalin.”


TC Weekend | Get into the swing of spring with the Saint Paul Art Crawl and more!

TC Weekend is back, a sure sign of spring! We've selected a few choice events to help you ease into the season. From Earth Day cleanups and One Day in the Twn Cities to literary readings and art showings, there's plenty on tap to help you get out and about this weekend!


People’s Gallery on University in St. Paul welcomes local artists

The People’s Gallery collective, from left: Gennie Alberti, Ayanna Murata,Theresa Jarosz Alberti and Bob Alberti. (Photo by Lori Hamilton)

The People’s Gallery is ready for action.


REVIEW | For the Water: Much more than an exhibit at Intermedia Arts

On April 16, Intermedia Arts opened For the Water, an exhibit curated by local artist Camille J. Gage. For the Water showcases three water-inspired projects in the Intermedia Arts Gallery: Camille Gage’s I AM WATER, Sharon Day’s 2014 Ohio River Water (Nibi) Walk, and Ananya Chatterjea’s Mohona’s Estuaries of Desire. The exhibit features photographs, dances, and documentary journeys about the water, as well as an interactive art form to involve people’s participation and awareness for our water. According to Intermedia Arts, the exhibit also includes "the first-ever public display of Sister River, a collection of works created by fabric artists from around the world in honor of the 2013 Mississippi River Walk."


THEATER REVIEW | The American Dream goes up in smoke in "Detroit" at Jungle Theater

The cast of Detroit: Mary (Angela Timberman), Ben (John Middleton), Sharon (Anna Sundberg) and Kenny (Tyson Forbes). Photo credit: Michal Daniel.

The characters in Lisa D'Amour's Detroit at Jungle Theater are a mess. Take a suburban couple, add two just-out-of-rehab neighbors, and mix them on the lawn with alcohol and a grill. Stir vigorously, spice with lies and cascading revelations, and wait for problems to (a)rise. This delicious dish takes 110 minutes to prepare and is most definitely cooked on high.


Three cheers for Russian artists whose names just will not stick in my head

Today’s guest post comes from Clyde.

Sandy and I went to the Museum of Russian Art recently, We went not only for the art itself, but so she can feel good about the Russian half of her heritage despite the recent behavior of Vladamir Putin. (I call this the MoRA half of her roots.) The museum is the perfect size for two old limp-alongs like Sandy and I.

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