Children’s Theatre Company's Curtain Call Ball: Tinkerbell meets Steampunk

Labor Day has come and gone, and the Children’s Theatre Company is buzzing with activity. Actors are rehearsing, dancers checking choreography, decorators prepping sets, and caterers waiting in the wings. “Caterers?” you might ask. “Did I read that right?” Yes, you did–because these are not preparations are not a traditional theatrical performance, but for the company’s annual Curtain Call Ball and Backstage Bash. This evening affair, taking place on Saturday, September 6, is a major fundraising event for CTC and informally kicks off the company’s new season. It is also one of the most anticipated social events in the Twin Cities arts scene.


MUSIC REVIEW | Journey and Joan Jett electrify the Minnesota State Fair

Photos By: 
Patrick Dunn

The Minnesota State Fair was given an explosive final farewell to the 2014 Grandstand Concert Series as Journey and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts came together for an amazing rock sound that electrified the myriad masses out of their food comas and on to their feet.


MUSIC REVIEW | Local heavy hitters come out at MN Music On-A-Stick at the Minnesota State Fair

Photos by Ann Treacy

MN Music On-A-Stick on Saturday, Aug. 30was a celebration of the great variety and quality of local music we have in Minnesota. Hosted by The Current, one of the most astute observations came from Mark Wheat when he noted that all but one of these bands (Bob Mould) has emerged since The Current went on air in 2005. The Current has been a force to promote local bands–from Americana to Hip Hop and we saw it all on stage.


MOVIE REVIEW | "A Letter to Momo": Fantasy with heart

In the world of cinema, alienated children often have the ability to see other worlds. At times, this is merely imagination.


MUSIC REVIEW | Turf Club reopens with Erik Koskinen, Frankie Lee, Dead Man Winter and Cactus Blossoms

Photos by Ann Treacy

Everyone in St Paul breathed a sigh of returned cool Thursday night when the Turf Club reopened after a summer of renovations. It was a sold out show featuring Dead Man Winter, Frankie Lee, Erik Koskinen and a surprise appearance from The Cactus Blossoms, which wasn't a shock but sure was pleasant. Much as I like all four bands, the club was the star last night.


The hands that feed us: Workers at the Minnesota State Fair

(Photos by Jennifer Larson)

Every year crowds of people head to the Minnesota State Fair, thinking about the food they'll eat, the rides they'll take and the people they'll watch.


Project DIVA's Back to School Teen Fashion Show

(Photo credit: Devina Moore of And More Photography) Project DIVA

Project DIVA held a Back to School Teen Fashion Show at the Capri Theater (2027 West Broadway Ave.) to both celebrate the beginning of a new school year and to kick-off the grand opening for its new boutique, called Raiding a DIVA's Closet, in north Minneapolis.


Kaleidoscope of quilts at the Minnesota State Fair

(all photos by Mary Turck) 

Remember kaleidoscopes, where impossibly bright designs shift and rearrange as you turned the cylinder? I thought of those as I looked at the extravagantly colored and stitched quilts at the Minnesota State Fair. Hours of thought clearly go into not only the stitching and cutting, but also the artistic design and patterns. Whether they are painstakingly hand-stitched or machine-quilted, each one is a work of art.


Sincerely, Mac Irv: Hoops legend's new success in music

(Courtesy of the artist) Mac Irv

It didn't happen on purpose but the game of basketball's comparison to the music hustle became a central theme when I spoke with emerging hip-hop artist Lawrence "Mac Irv" McKenzie.


Rescuing art from the Third Reich: 'The Monuments Men' author Robert Edsel to speak at Holocaust remembrance program

(Photo: National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Md.) A self-portrait by Rembrandt is inspected by Monuments Men Dale V. Ford (left) and Harry Ettlinger in Heilbronn, Germany, in 1946. The painting was stored for safekeeping by museum officials from Karlsruhe in the Heilbronn mine, and was ultimately returned to the Karlsruhe Museum. This was just one of thousands of paintings and other works of art that were found in Heilbronn, as can be seen by the crates stacked behind each man.

In February, Columbia Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox released The Monuments Men, which was written and directed by George Clooney.

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