Marcy-Holmes finalizing master plan, seeking feedback

The Marcy-Holmes master plan update, which will guide growth and development in the neighborhood, was released Wednesday for public comment.


Farmers markets, chili cook-offs will have specific food safety regulations

State food inspection law has been changed to specifically regulate farmers markets.


CSAs, local food and co-ops oh my!

What a great weekend. This weekend Proeun and I attended not one but 2 CSAs/Local Food Days at local co-ops. Proeun attended the Seward Co-op's CSA Fair while I (Amy) attended the City Center Market's "Meet Your Farmer" Day. While we love farming we don't get a chance to hang out with other farmer's and like minded folk that much and so these 2 events were especially rejuvenating. A couple things we learned were that Local Food and CSAs are a thriving, growing field. But still many farms are seeing there numbers down from last year. So if you have not signed up for a CSA yet make sure you do. Click here for our CSA information.


COMMUNITY VOICES | St. Paul Hmong Market a local success, international model

Hmong Village President Shongleng Yang poses in front of one of the many vegetable stalls at the year-round market

A few years ago, there was not a bank in the Twin Cities that would negotiate a loan to help finance a cultural shopping hub.


Minnesota's continuous living groundcover

Of Minnesota’s 55.6 million acres, 27 million acres are taken up by farmland. Currently, crop production is dominated by summer annuals like corn and soybeans, which need to be replanted each year and grow only in the summer. The consequence of this type of cropping is that for most of the year, no active roots exist in the soil to filter water, reduce runoff, or prevent erosion. Covering the ground with crops for a larger portion of the year by adding winter annuals and perennials to the landscape provides multiple benefits, including diversifying agricultural operations, protecting soils and waterways, and increasing wildlife habitat.


Si se puede: Will the Minnesota House serve justice for ag workers and parents--or a politics of division?

After months of objecting to government regulation, Minnesota state representative Marion O'Neill (R-Buffalo) has finally found one she loves.


International Year of Family Farming – What it's about, why it matters

For Minnesotans the true Rite of Spring is planting season – even if the experience is remembered or vicarious. Planting season with real farmers on real tractors with genetically un-modified seeds, rotated crops and other practices that promote sustainable agricultural systems. Happily, nostalgia is giving way to reality as urban farming, farm to home, and farmers market programs and locavore cuisine raise the profile of family farming and the role that family farmers play in growing nutritious food to feed a hungry world — while protecting the environment and preserving the land.


The lessons of McCutcheon: The First Amendment as thuggery

Since when did the First Amendment become a tool of thuggery to suppress speech rather than enhance it? This is essentially what the Roberts Supreme Court did in the recent McCutcheon v F.E.C. decision striking down aggregate political contribution limits.


Transit-oriented development at Lake and Hiawatha on the table at April 3 meeting

Can Minneapolis finally pull off a high-quality transit-oriented development (TOD) project? Yes, with a little luck, a lot of disparate interests coming to a common agreement, and likely some creative financing. Development plans at the Midtown Farmers Market site in Minneapolis appear to be revived. Included in the multi-phase plan are housing, offices, retail, and perhaps most importantly, a public square that will serve as home for the Midtown Farmers Market. However, the plan is more complicated than ever, so getting this built won’t be easy. This Thursday, April 3 at 6PM the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization will host a meeting so the public can find out more about the plan. It is important to show your support for good urban design and transit oriented development. Check out the plan below.

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