Dog Park detective: Alpine Off-Leash Dog Park

The Day: Sunday, July 13th, a cool and breezy 66 degrees

The Dog: Snuggly Buggly, a Border Collie mix

The Park: Alpine Off-leash Dog Park (off of Sunfish Lake Boulevard and Alpine Drive in Ramsey)

The Amenities: Large fenced-in park with a doggie drinking fountain, dog duty pick-up bags, and picnic benches


"...Langford Park is one of the unifying common spaces on the Saint Anthony Park neighborhood. The Saint Anthony Park Elementary School shields it from hustle and bustle of busy Como Avenue. It stretches and snakes back 3 blocks from the school to the barrier formed by the railroad tracks bisecting the neighborhood to the south. In typical Saint Paul fashion, road names around the park are a mess. What starts as Gordon Street on the east edge of the park turns into a road called simply Langford Park and rings back around the circumference of the park before turning into Knapp Street along the northern edge of the park and continuing on back to Como Avenue..."

30 Langford Park
St. Paul, MN 55108

A stroll through Langford Park

Langford Park on a July afternoon is a hive of activity.


Flood sketching and a modest/awesome riverfront proposal

Roberta and I did a lot of sketching of the flooding in Downtown Saint Paul. We wanted to document the changing landscape as water gradually replaced land. There’s a slideshow of our flood sketches at the PiPress. Here’s one of the sketches I did from the Robert Street Bridge of the Port of Saint Paul’s Lowertown Landing submerged beneath the roiling Mississippi River [above].


COMMUNITY VOICES | Sheridan Memorial Park is now open!

The Grand Opening of Sheridan Memorial Park, a monument dedicated to veterans and to peace, was celebrated on Saturday, June 28th. The park, along the Mississippi River in the Sheridan Neighborhood, features a monumental sculpture by Northeast artist Robert Smart, interpretive elements, and a great view of the Mississippi River.


Northeast Minneapolis residents, unhappy with pace of riverfront park development, ask: How long is temporary?

What the park board staff see as an internal operations matter, some neighborhood activists see as a slide backwards from progress toward continuous parkland along the river. Anyone hoping to influence the outcome will have just a couple of weeks to write letters and attend a public hearing anticipated July 16.


E-DEMOCRACY | After loss of Black Bear Crossing, what's next for Como Park Pavilion?

Renee Jenson posted at 6:50pm, Jun 19:

...Rumors are floating around about what the city intends to do with the Pavillion at Como Park. I think Como Park is a treasure of the city and that process needs to fully open and unbiased so everyone can have their say in it. Many of us in the Como area are appalled that we lost Black Bear Crossing and didn't even have a chance to storm City Hall with our protest signs chanting "2-4-6-8, Black Bear Crossing is really Great".


Corcoran Park summer events

Corcoran will be offering free food opportunities and participating with the MPS Summer Food Program again. Summer food program is M-F, snack from 3:00pm-3:45pm and dinner is from 5:00pm-5:45pm beginning June 9th through August 15th


June 21: Imagine an Ayd Mill linear park

Next Saturday, June 21, from 1-4pm, Neighborhoods First, a community group in Saint Paul’s Merriam Park, will be hosting an event on the corner of Summit Avenue and Syndicate Street. The event is titled “Imagine an Ayd Mill Linear Park.” There will be speakers, music, food and exhibits. It will be an opportunity for community members to look at what is currently known as “Ayd Mill Road” and imagine what it could look like as a linear park, or something other than a freeway.


OPINION | Taking the public out of a public park

Sharing public amenities is only slightly less controversial than funding public amenities. The new Vikings stadium adjoins an equally new Minneapolis public park. The Minnesota Vikings and the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission retain exclusive use for 80-100 days per year. The park represents a new economic development direction that presents itself as one thing, a park, while behaving as another, an athletic performance venue.

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